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Caroline Black

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Can psychotherapy help?

Most people will at some point in their lives experience some form of emotional distress, anxiety or sadness which may prompt them to seek professional help. Problems and difficulties that are not addressed are unlikely to be resolved by themselves. Talking through your issues with a well trained and experienced therapist who can listen, analyse and reflect, can lead to greater self-awareness and change.

What is psychodynamic psychotherapy?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy focuses on the unconscious meaning of your difficulties and in enabling you to become more aware of your inner dynamics and how they are affecting your life and relationships. Sometimes referred to as ‘the talking cure’, it provides an opportunity to reflect and to disentangle long established and deeply embedded unhelpful patterns of relating and behaviours. It enables you to explore in depth your thoughts and feelings in the context of the significant events in your life, both past and present. It can help you make changes or discover appropriate ways of managing.

Is psychodynamic psychotherapy effective?

There are many different models of therapy available and there have been several published research papers that have compared psychodynamic therapy to other psychological treatments. Amongst these, a study conducted by Shedler in 2010 and published in the American Psychologist, shows that in many cases, psychodynamic therapies are the most effective treatment for a wide range of difficulties including depression and anxiety, panic and stress related physical ailments. Importantly, the evidence shows that the person improves not only during treatment, but continues to improve after treatment has ended.








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