Caroline Black MSc, RN(MH), Dip Psych, Grad (IPD)

Hampshire and Surrey Borders Psychotherapy

Caroline Black

My Approach

Working together

My approach to therapy is based on psychodynamic principles and practices. Our sessions will offer you a confidential, non judgemental and creative space in which to explore your thoughts and feelings. My role as a psychodynamic psychotherapist is to work with you in developing a deeper understanding of yourself. It is not to provide you with quick fixes or to provide you with answers to your problems.

I will meet with you for an initial consultation to enable us to discuss the nature of your difficulties and to decide if psychodynamic psychotherapy is the most appropriate intervention for you. This will also give you the opportunity to ask questions about the therapeutic process. It may be necessary for us to meet a few times before a decision is reached about embarking on therapy. If we agree it would be beneficial  for us to work together we will schedule a 50 minute session each week for us to meet at my practice. Through an ongoing commitment to regular weekly sessions, there is the possibility for lasting change.


An initial consultation lasts one and a half hours and provides an opportunity for us to discuss your reasons for coming to therapy. Thereafter, each session lasts fifty minutes. Fees are discussed when we meet. I am able to offer a certain number of reduced fee agreements to people who may be unemployed or on a low income and therefore unable to afford the full fee.


What you disclose in therapy is strictly confidential, unless in extreme and exceptional circumstances. In which case I will work with you to consult and receive your consent prior to any communication with an external body, such as your GP if together we decide that for example you may be at risk of harm and require further support.



During the COVID-19 crisis, I will be offering all session via SKYPE, FaceTime, Zoom and phone

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